Personal Safety @UCSD

“The staff person who answers the call and hears the duress signal calls the police,” she explains. It is important that the nurse give the location by saying, “I’m at [patient’s name] home on ” so the office staff member answering the phone knows the exact location. “It is also important that the office staff member taking the call stay on the phone with the nurse until the police arrive,” she points out. If it is not possible to stay on the phone, the nurse should leave the cell phone on and in his or her pocket so others can hear what is going on, Krueger continues.
Most of these phones have a keypad to dial campus numbers. All of the phones have a red emergency button that when pressed will dial the Tufts Police automatically. For those who may be from another country and attending Texas A&M, it is important to be aware of and understand the importance of personal safety and what resources are available. This includes you, your family, where you live, and w here you frequent. CSUF Police Department employes one on-call chaplain. The chaplain is available to students, staff, and faculty 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Always lock your door when taking a nap, shower, retiring for the evening, or leaving your residence. If you find your car has been burglarized, contact the Delgado Campus Police Department immediately and try not to touch the vehicle. The more you touch your vehicle, the more you contaminate the crime scene. Don’t leave important papers such a bank statements, credit card statements, and other important documents in your car. Engrave expensive accessories, such as car stereos and speaker systems, with your driver’s license number.
Another important part of the employee safety program is a debriefing whenever an incident does occur, Morris says. Always tap in with your own Cal 1 Card or fob when entering the residence halls. Tapping in or showing your key is the equivalent to using your house key to unlock your front door at home. Learn more about tapping in to keep our community safe. We offer free metal whistles, embossed with the WU logo, to students, staff and faculty for personal safety. Safety and transparency in the client/provider relationship is a two-way street.
Security Bike Officers provide escort services and maintain communication with Temple Police. You can send your real-time location to a friend to virtually watch you as you walk to your destination. It also allows you to trigger a call to emergency services. To use Friend Walk, select “Friend Walk” on the LAVC Safe App and follow the instruction to send an email or text to your friend so they can virtually walk with. Your friend will receive a link that has a map with your location, and you can be connected with them until you reach your destination. To promote your safety, you may call the University Police Department at any time for a safety escort.
Use the Safe Escort Services provided by the University Police to walk you to your vehicle. So not hold doors open for strangers when the building is closed for the evening. Always lock your room door, even if you only leave for a few minutes.