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You can even volunteer to set up a concession stand at the next city-league game to sell off the rest of the candy from your fundraiser. A lollipop fundraiser is a popular fundraising idea for elementary schools with young children. While it isn’t one of our most high-profit fundraisers, it is a nice, simple fundraising idea, and parents seem to love it as well. Depending on your group, you may try involving them in the brochure selection process. For example, a choir group may be interested in a peanut-free candy bar fundraiser.
The secret to getting some of the more expensive items for your bags is to use the parents’ existing professional networks and reach out to sponsors that way. You could also create a student version of the grab bags and fill them with notebooks, snack bars, caps, and more. The idea is to have students read as much as possible during a designated time period (minutes, hours, sessions). If you feel uncomfortable charging membership fees, consider asking parents to choose between paying a membership fee or contributing their time. This encourages all parents to participate in whatever way they can. Many will choose to still pay the membership fee which will help you maintain a cash flow for your PTA.
Hold a friendly competition to pick the best school spirit wear. Let students submit designs for T-shirts online over the course of a few weeks or months. Then, the entire school will vote on the best design via social media. Sell the top T-shirt choice (and any honorable mentions) to students, staff, and community members.
Ask them to contribute a certain amount of money per dare, depending on the difficulty level. After a sponsor signs up and funds the dare, notify the dare volunteer and ask that they record a video of them completing the dare. Then share the videos on social media and be sure to tag the sponsor of the dare. Begin by making a list of funny and bizarre tasks and ask participants to volunteer for things they are willing to do for donations.
This is a particularly great fundraiser for clubs based around a certain culture or language. When the timeframe to order ends, run a report and place people’s orders all at once. When your dough is delivered, use the same report to sort the orders. You can then batch-email your supporters to let them know how to collect their cookie dough.
Your school can separate grades or classrooms into team houses, similar to Harry Potter, with specific goals to gain house points. Encourage your students to bring their used clothing, shoes, and accessories to your school’s clothing swap fundraiser. This is a great way to get rid of old clothes without throwing them in the trash. Nobody likes having junk lying around, and often, we don’t know what to do with it. So we toss our junk into the trash, never to be seen again. However, a junk drive can change the way we think about these items and allows schools to raise money.
When the holiday season draws near, people are looking to buy presents, gift wrap and bows. This beautiful fundraising catalog sells affordable holiday themed wrapping paper and presents. So simply direct your donors to the brochure and let them pick out a product or two that they like. Our wrapping paper brochure is just perfect for winter fundraisers. Finally, this is a very profitable PTO fundraiser because your PTO earns up to a 50% profit on every sale.
high school fundraisers of America (ASA), registers over 245,000 softball teams nationwide with hundreds of local, regional, state, and National Championships a year. That doesn’t even account for local school softball teams, bar league softball teams, or youth softball teams. Dazzle your audience with an exhibition game modeled on those of the Harlem Globetrotters. For an additional challenge, choreograph the piece to music. The theme song of the Harlem Globetrotters themselves – “Sweet Georgia Brown” by Brother Bones & His Shadows – is the perfect choice. Match the difficulty of the dance to the skill level of your basketball team; even something simple is fun to watch if it’s performed properly.