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In 2077, a Militech operatives team discovered that Arasaka had been hiding the fact that they had a mass driver on the Moon. The ESA was the only organization allowed to operate and own mass drivers, an edge they wanted to keep, because of this Militech tipped off the ESA council in order to effect Arasaka. The ESA called an intimidate meeting to reexamine Arasaka’s license in space affairs. more info here for the mistake were Arasaka America, of the Night City operatives branch, many employees feared Japan’s response. In an attempt to cover their tracks Arthur Jenkins ordered to a flatline of members of the council, a move that, among other decisions, cost him his life.
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Saburo was close to having complete control with 60% of Japan’s National Diet being Arasaka-bought politicians. However, due to growing fear amongst other Japanese corporations about Arasaka’s government takeover attempt, a group was formed by large and small Japanese corporations that united under FACS (Far Asian Co-prosperity Sphere) banner. This countered Saburo’s control of the government and many politicians were arrested. FACS would continue to undermine Arasaka’s plans in the coming decades.
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Saburo was one of the first people to invest heavily in the cybernetic and Net related industries, and the returns from those transactions have padded the Arasaka accounts quite well. Within the the Greater Tokyo Meropolitan area, Arasaka has one of its largest manufacturing facilities located in Yokohama, used to supply their force with weapons. Arasaka produces all of the infantry weapons used by its troops and by its clients. Most of Arasaka’s weapons production runs to small arms, tasers, EMP guns, automated guns, smart guns, melee katanas/tantos, and anti-personnel mines. They also manufacture a line of body armor and an assortment of very popular vehicles.
Consequently, most marketing effort is concentrated upon the sale of security services and contracts. The key factor in the Marketing of those security services is Arasaka’s continuing reputation for excellence. Arasaka service employees use a uniform consisting of a baggy white jumpsuit and cap with white accessories. The only way one can tell the difference between maintenance, custodial, messenger and other service level employees is by the color and shape of the logos on their shoulders and caps, their I.D.