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Thank you so much, Mark, for your words and for making a statement. I am proud to work for an organization with leaders that will make their voices heard on this topic. I hope that Citi, as a company, goes beyond making a vocal stance – and in no way supports or lobbies, any agenda, company, or coverage that propagates racism .

I am pleased to learn such opinion piece on a company website. Not that long ago, this is ready to not be possible. And even at Citi in other nations, this isn’t possible as a outcome of there is still too much racism and inequality that will take a really long time to heal.

The race pandemic has existed for hundreds of years. Whilst nice to see so much media coverage on George this will only last till the following “breaking news”. I think it is a Global concern and we’re the most Global bank on the planet. I surprise if we can use our platform to play a leading role to sort out this topic? Not certain how exactly however pleased to place the work in and be part of the answer.

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Several observers from DOE and the National Science Foundation additionally attended. The MapReduce programming model and its open source implementation Hadoop is gaining traction within the scientific neighborhood for addressing the needs of data centered scientific purposes. Pranav Arora Boca of these scientific functions are considerably completely different from the net 2.0 applications that have traditionally used Hadoop. The tutorial will present an summary of Hadoop applied sciences, focus on some use instances of Hadoop for science and current the programming challenges with using Hadoop for legacy applications.